Rakhi Baid's solo art exhibition on Krishna and Radha

Kolkata: The Solo art exhibition of Mumbai's artist Rakhi Baid concluded on Wednesday evening in the Abinindranath Tagore Gallery of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). The exhibition was composed by the City Art Factory, whose curator is Shantanu Roy. After inaugurating the exhibition, the chief guest, international film fame Dr.Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar said that the festivity of these colors is comforting between the chaos and stressful activities of life, and we are refreshing with freshness. Guest of honour eminent senior sculptor Shankar Ghosh said that Rakhi is a skilled artist of Badge and she knows how to tell her through the colors. Guest of honour Author & painter Dr. Hridaya Narayan Singh said that Shrikrishna's life has always been attracting artists from all walks of life, no shades of his life are in any other mythical character. Sameer Mandal, a Mumbai-based artist, specially known for watercolors, described Rakhi Baid as an important painter. The name of the exhibition was Krishnansh, in which various artifacts related to Shrikrushna and Radha were painted beautifully by the artist Rakhi Baid and made them more meaningful with colors. This was Rakhi Baid's eleventh solo art exhibition. He has taken part in more than 60 group art exhibitions.

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